Friday, 2 October 2009

Story Time!

Here is a little story I did today, hope you like it! -

A young girl called Tilly was walking, walking alone.
Bombs dropping like rain drops all around her.
Tilly was scared, but she did not show it.
Tilly never showed what she felt, even when her house was bombed, she was told that her Mum and Dad had gone with it and that she had no were to go, not once did little Tilly cry.
As Tilly walked people ran, ran from the bombs.
Tilly walked to the bombs. She did not care anymore, she did not find Hitler and his silly little moustache funny anymore, like she used to, she hated Hitler more than anything in this horrid world she lived in and at the moment where bombs were falling all around her, Tilly wanted nothing more than to leave the world she lived in. Just like her parents had, just like everybody she loved and cared about had.
Tilly keep ed walking.
She had not stopped in day and was not planning to stop anytime soon, not until Hitler was dead, not until she had killed Hitler. She would never stop walking.

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