Thursday, 30 April 2009

Potato Diary - 4

Remember my potato experiment, well it did not work! But we did not paint the inside of the box black, so if you have a go paint it black and tell me how it goes.

My potato plants are doing really well now. Here are the measurements -
Vales Emerald 1 is 11cm high
Vales Emerald 2 is 15 cm high
Rocket 1 is 8 cm high
Rocket 2 is only 4 cm high!

I have had a few comments questions about why I had carrot and cheese sandwiches, it is because in WW2 cheese was rationed, so they would put carrot in the sandwich to make the cheese go further.
I also had a question about my favourite part of the WW2 day ,my top 4 thing were -
1 feeding baby lambs
2 holding baby rabbits
3 digging for victory
4 was seeing friends!
Also the potato plant that will be produce the most potatoes, I think it will be Vales Emerald 2 because it's the biggest and looks very healthy.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Evacuee Day at Rushmoor Country Park

On Monday I went to an evacuee day at Rushmoor.
We all had to dress up as if we were children in WW2.The first thing we did was write a postcard to our mums about what we were doing and how we got there,we also made a gas mask box( that we had to carry with us all day) Then we planted some seeds (thyme,carrot,parsnip and spinach) then we digged for victory (shown below).
For lunch I had a carrot and cheese sandwich.
In the afternoon we had a tour of all the animals we fed goats and baby lambs,I got to hold a 15 week old rabbit (it was tiny).We saw some baby pigs,a cow,mice,rats and a horse called Silver.
We sat in an Anderson Shelter.
At the end of the day we all got a ride on a pony called Noddy.

Potato Diary - 3

17th of March 2009
We planted our potatoes !

Move It at Olympia,London

6th of March 2009
Move It is a big dance festival held in London once a year.It has classes, stalls selling dance gear and information stalls, restaurants and a stage with fantastic performances.This was my second year of going.
The classes I did were Tap, Street-dance, Jazz and Cheerleading. My favourite was Streetdance.
We left home at 7.30pm and didn't get back until 10.30pm.

Science & Engineering Week - The Air Show at Sheffield Uni 12th of March 2009

Daddy took me and friend F to a show at Sheffield University.
In the show they talked about all types of gasses and then they did experiments with them.
My favourite was when they made a fire ball, they got a candle on a stick and put it to a balloon filled with Nitrogen and it made a fire ball but it only lasted a few seconds.

My favourite experiment of the week was the egg in vinegar.
This is my last post about Science and Engineering week.