Thursday, 30 April 2009

Potato Diary - 4

Remember my potato experiment, well it did not work! But we did not paint the inside of the box black, so if you have a go paint it black and tell me how it goes.

My potato plants are doing really well now. Here are the measurements -
Vales Emerald 1 is 11cm high
Vales Emerald 2 is 15 cm high
Rocket 1 is 8 cm high
Rocket 2 is only 4 cm high!

I have had a few comments questions about why I had carrot and cheese sandwiches, it is because in WW2 cheese was rationed, so they would put carrot in the sandwich to make the cheese go further.
I also had a question about my favourite part of the WW2 day ,my top 4 thing were -
1 feeding baby lambs
2 holding baby rabbits
3 digging for victory
4 was seeing friends!
Also the potato plant that will be produce the most potatoes, I think it will be Vales Emerald 2 because it's the biggest and looks very healthy.


  1. Your potatoes look great! WE just earthed ours up this afternoon and will be writing about it later. I didn't measure them; although the rocket look much healthier, stronger and bigger.

  2. Good luck with you tatties. i just planted mine a week or so ago so I'll check back to see how they compare. Mine are Swift.

  3. That's a shame! I was looking forward to seeing the long potato tendrils ;o)