Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tudor Houses

Poor Tudor Houses -
Most Tudor houses were made out of timber (wood), like oak and occasionally elm.
In Victorian times they covered all wood with tar, but the Tudors left them bare.
Tudors also used wattle which they would weave into screens, the screens would then have daub (a mixture of clay, sand and dung ) smeared all over it. Once this had dried they might paint it. These would act as walls.

Rich Tudor Houses -
The rich mostly lived in country mansions, that were built out of Tudor stone and glass windows.
Only very rich people could afford glass because it was so rare, but Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire was laughed at the time for being 'more glass than walls'.

Most Tudor houses are still standing today and some are now open for the public to see.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tudor Clothes

What did Tudor women wear?

Rich Tudor women would have worn big dresses that covered all their bodies. The dresses would have been made out of expensive and rare materials like silk or Velvet.

Poor women would have had to wear cheap dresses made out of wool, linen or sheepskin to show their rank in society.

All women would have to hide their hair once they got married .

How did the clothes you wore, show what rank in society?
In Tudor times, if you were rich you could wear clothes made out of silk, velvet, satin and sable fur. You could also wear colours like purple, gold or silver.
If you were poor you had to wear dull clothes that were made out of cheap materials.
That way people just had to look at someone to know what rank in society they were!

What kind of underwear did people wear?
Both rich men and women wore corsets!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Tudors

What was the War of the Roses?
The War of the Roses was a series of dynastic civil wars between supporters of the rival houses of York and Lancaster, for the throne of England.

How did King Henry Tudor become king?
Henry Tudor killed King Richard, house of York at the battle of Bosworth. King Richard's crown was the plucked from a bush and placed on Henry Tudor's head.

Who did Henry Tudor Marry?
Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York in the hope of bringing peace between rival houses of York and Lancaster.

Who were Henry Tudor's children?
Henry and Elizabeth had four children who survived infancy:
Arthur - Who died shortly after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.