Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Coal House at War

Coal house at war is a great new 3 - part show on BBC 1, about 3 families pretending to be in World War 2 times and how they coped with day to day life.
We have just watched the 1st episode on BBC iplayer, so here is the link if you wish to watch it - I really liked it because it shows you all the things people had to go though like having to walk 4 miles to work!
Hope you like it.
Please tell me what you think after watching it.

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  1. I've just watched episode 2 - thanks for the recommendation. I really enjoyed it, especially as I come from a mining family. It made me realise what difficult and dangerous work my ancestors were involved with.
    It was amazing to see the women working 17 hours a day as well.... I guess we're blessed to be living with our computers, cars and washing machines, aren't we!?