Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Science and Engineering Week - Day 2 - Surfaces.

Today's first experiment was called Manic Mixtures, what you do is get some milk that is room temperature and add some food colouring, then get a cocktail stick and dip it in to the washing up liquid.

Dip the cocktail stick into the middle of the milk.

The food colouring should then go to the side of the dish.
The food colouring goes to the side of the bowl because we broke the surface tension of the milk.


  1. That's really interesting, and of course it makes complete sense when you think abut it. Little James will love that one, so we'll try that later.

  2. Science aside that makes a lovely pattern! Wonder if you could get a print off it by laying thickish art paper (maybe blotting paper) on top, we might try this next week!

  3. This is my favourite experiment; anything to do with colour gets my vote and turquoise and pink happen to be two of my favourite colours :)

    Which has been your favourite experiment during the week?