Monday, 9 March 2009

Science and Engineering Week - Day 1

This week is the start of Science and Engineering week ,so we are doing an experiment a day.
Today's first experiment was making a rainbow - you get a bowl and add some water then clear nail vanish,dip black paper in the water and you are meant to get a rainbow on the paper, but it did not work so we added some olive oil, but it still did not work.

The second experiment was called Sky and Sunset in a Jar, you put a drop of milk and some water in a jar or cup and then shine a torch on the jar, when you shine it on the back it goes red and if you shine it on the front it goes blue.
This one did not really work, we could see abit of red at the back but it should have been done in the dark.

We saved the best till last, Tornado in a Jar, here is how you do it - put a little water in a jar (with a lid) then add a teaspoon of washing - up liquid and a teaspoon of vinegar. Shake really well, then start move the jar with the lid on in a circle and you will begin to see a tornado forming.

Here is the link for events and information about this week.


  1. ooh, I love the tornado in a jar idea. I grew up in tornado country and can't wait to bring a little one into my house.

  2. Ohhh yeah the tornado sounds cool. Have to gve that a try with Rye :)


  3. Love these experiments - I think i will try them all, but I might wait until my elder son comes in - he is doing chemistry at uni next year and wants to spend all day doing experiments!

  4. Woo! These all look great, a shame the first two didn't work but that kind of thing happens to me all the time!

    We will keep a look out for your other experiments this week to see what happens, and get ideas for us to do at home.