Monday, 26 April 2010

Two Different Indian Landscapes

The Nigiri Mountains

The Nigiri Mountains ( or Blue Mountains) are a range of mountains with at least 24 peaks above 2,000 meters high in the southern part of India.
The highest peak is called the Dobbabetta (Big Mountain) and is 2,637 metres high (8,652 ft.).

The people that live in the mountain range are called todas and are a nature worshipping tribe. They have their own language, rich arts and crafts and a unique way of community living.

There is also a railway running through the mountain range, it is one of the oldest railway in India. The line was opened by the British in 1908 and has been going ever since.

Thar Desert

The Thar Desert ( The Great Desert) is in the northwestern part of India and in the 7th largest desert in the world.
The climate there is extreme: temperatures can range from near-freezing in winter and over 50oc in summer.
All rainfall happens between July to September and the mean temperatures varies from a minimum of 24 degrees C and 26 degrees C.

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