Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Secret Garden

We have started a new English project! It is about The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Brunett. The following story is set in time when Mary is on a boat to England after her parents died of cholera.

Mary Lennox was sitting on the top deck feeling very sorry for herself. No one was giving her any attention, especially not Mrs Page, who was meant to be looking after her.
"All she wants to do is play with her own two children and talk about her darling officer husband" thought Mary.
When her parents had been alive she could get what ever she wanted with a ring of a bell, but now they were gone.
Mary thought back to that horrible day, she remembered the snake and creeping out to get food.
"Mary, Mary where are you?", her thoughts were interrupted by Mrs Page's call.
"It's time for bed Mary!" shouted Mrs Page.
Mary did not want to go to bed, so she got up and hide behind a big gold plant pot.
"Where is that silly little girl?" said Mrs Page.
why, oh why had she ever agreed to look after such a selfish, disagreeable child.
Why, oh why had she agreed to look after Ms Lennox!
"Mary Lennox if i have to come and.......", but she was cut short by Mary stomping into view.
"Where" asked Mrs Page "have you been?"
"Top deck" was Mary short replay.
"Why did you not come....", again Mrs Page was cut short by Mary.
"I am going to bed now" and with that she walked into the cabin.
Mary stood there and waited. Mrs Page walked in " I hope you are not waiting for me."
Mary was taken aback "well of cause I am waiting for you!"
"To do what?" asked Mrs Page.
"Get me ready for bed!"
"Well Mary Lennox I do not get horrid little girls like you ready for bed.
"Fine" and with that Mary got into bed fully clothed and turned the light out.

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