Monday, 15 February 2010

Human Body Experiment

Robber Bones - Experiment no. 1

What did you use?
A thin chicken bone
A small glass jar
Malt vinegar

What did you do?
Place the chicken bone in the jar and cover with the malt vinegar,then leave for a week.

What do you think will happen?
I think the acid in the vinegar will dissolve the calcium in the chicken bone.

Notes - This experiment shows you what your bones would be like without calcium.

Digestion Experiment no.2

What did you use?
3 Beads
A small funnel
A little cooking oil
A see-through tube

What did you do?
Pour the cooking oil into the tube, using the funnel, make sure the inside of the tube in cover.
Now put the beads into the tube and using your hands push them down.

Notes - The see-through tube is acting as your throat, the oil as mucus, the three balls as chewed up food and your hands as the strong muscles contracting to push the food down into your stomach.

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