Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Save The Bees

Why are bees so important?

Bees not only make us wonderful honey,but they also pollinate flowers,trees and some of the foods we eat, so if they were to become extinct not only would we not have any honey we would have less trees, flowers and food like -apples,beans,blackcurrants,cucumber,onions and loads more!

Why Are Our Bees Dying ?

1. Diseases - Because bees live in hives, if one bee becomes ill there is no-where he or she can go,without infecting the other bees that live in the hive.

2. Varroe Mite - The varroe mite sucks blood out of bees and as it does this it passes on a virus to the bee.
3. Insecticides - Insecticide is used to kill insects and could harm bees if used incorrectly.

4. Changing Weather - Because of the wet summers we have been having plants and flowers have been growing at different times than they normally do, so bees can't get the nectar they need to stay alive.
5. Not enough hedges and flowers.- People are planting less and less flowers,digging up hedges and turning fields full of wild flowers into fields full of animals or crops.

So why don't we all go and do something to SAVE OUR BEES!


  1. Great project Katie - we did a similar one during the summer and planted a bee garden. It's great to take care of them as they are so important :)

  2. I like bees coming to the garden - as long as they do not sting me. I am very allergic to bees - did you study people like me?

    We have a bee hive not far from our home, so we now get honey off our land without having to do the work - the bee keeper does & we just buy the honey.

    Love Leanne New Zealand (we have nothing to do with Australia - some people from over seas think we are the same but we are not - Kiwis invented Pavalova too - not the aussies)