Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Film Report

Anne Franks Diary

What was it about? - A young girl called Anne and her family had to go in to hiding because the Nazis were taking all the Jaws to concentration camps, while the Franks are there they are joined by the Van Pels family and fritx pefeffer.After two years the families were found,no one knows know tolled on them or why they did, but in the end only one person survived and that was Anne's Dad Otto Frank.

Was the storyline good? -Yes. I think the way they tolled the story was very good.

Was the acting good? - Again yes, Ellie Kendrick ( who played Anne) was very good and when you look at Anne and Ellie they both look very alike and the other actors was great. For a complete list of who plays who go to - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Frank_(BBC_television_serial)

My thoughts on what happened to Anne Frank -
I think it is very sad that people had to go in to hiding because they did not believe or look like Hitler wanted them to. Anne and her family were in hiding for 2 years, when Anne and her sister Margo died there father Otto Frank had been out of the Auschwitz concentration camp for 6 weeks. I have not yet read the book,is it good?

Anne Frank

Carries War

What was it about? - Carrie and her brother Nick are evacuated to Wales during the Second World War. They stay with Mr. Evans and his younger sister Auntie Lou. While Carrie and Nick are there they befriend another evacuee who is staying with Mr.Evans other sister.
The housekeeper at of the house were there friend is staying tell the children many stores and amongst them is one about a cursed skull in the library.

Who was your favourite cater / actor? - Well... all the actors were very good but my favourite was Carrie, the person that played Carrie made her very believable and like she real existed

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