Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My Diary At HES FES

Saturday - Today we arrived at HES FES and helped put up one of the P's tents. Later in the afternoon friend L and I went to the science tent and did a few thing about DNA. Sunday - L and I went to the science tent today and did about the human body, we also signed up to a kids talent show
Monday - We didn't do much this morning because someone burnt a toilet down, so we all went to a meting about what had happened, in the afternoon L and I made a plaster person.

Tuesday - Today I painted a cavers ( picture no.5 ),made a mask (picture no.4) and silk screened my name on to some material ( above). That night I had a sleepover with R and L.

Wednesday - Today L and I did gymnastics with friend H and I did some weaving ( picture no.1).
Tonight is the talent show, we are going to sing Mama Do by Pixie Lott and then I am having a sleepover with H.

Thursday - This Morning I Made a basket (picture no.4) and a little felt person(picture no.2), I also did gymnastics with friends L and H.
Friday - I Didn't do anything today because I was ill.
Saturday - Today we came home and all ended up having swine flu.

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