Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Finished projects

Paper Craft rabbit made with Daddy and my first finished knitting project, a shawl with decorated pin.


  1. How lovely, K, a blog of your own! Those firelighters look like they must have been great fun to make. We love Imbolc, it's such a lovely time of year, isn't it? You can really sense the earth beginning to stir again after winter.

    Love Nikki and Emily xx

  2. Your rabbit looks extremely cute! You look very good at knitting.

    I am posting you a letter today.

    Love Eilidh xxx

  3. I adore the bunny! The shawl is stunning! Can't wait to see more! Might see if my beautiful girl wants to start a blog, too!

  4. Hi Katie
    Loved the rabbit that you made - was it good fun? Love Katey, Amy & Nicole x

  5. Love your bunny! I'll have to show Verona; I'm sure she will coo over it too :)
    A little easier to take care of that the real thing I guess ;)